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In the name of Allah

This is from my God's grace «هذا من فضل ربی»

Ghadir is the divine vow with God, since in that day the religion was perfected and God's gifts and favor were completed over the humanity.
Ghadir is the title of our belief and religion and giving credence to it  means the perfect faith in the Lord and being grateful to Him for all the bestowed gifts.
According to this verse of Quran: «یَا أَیُّهَا الرَّسُولُ بَلِّغْ مَا أُنزِلَ إِلَیْکَ مِن رَّبِّکَ وَإِن لَّمْ تَفْعَلْ فَمَا بَلَّغْتَ رِسَالَتَهُ» and Prophet's (s.a.w) command which necessitate propagations of Ghadir and Wilayat for all Muminin and whoever disobeys it, commits an unforgiveable sin.
Specialized Ghadirestan Center of Kauthar e Nabi (s.a.w) is a cultural and non-profit center. It was established in 1381 by God's assistance, His Caliphs' support and Ayatollah Haj Sayyed Faghih Imami's (God may bless him) comprehensive attempts in his lifetime and sincere efforts of some Wilayat-lovers and since that year has proceeded with many dramatic activities.
The costs of this center have been provided by public donations including gifts and endowments, and Great Ayatollahs' support.
The center is a mixed team of seminary and university scholars and experts, artists of different fields, religious assemblies and market merchants and thankfully has propagated the teachings of Ghadir in many different ways.
You can join us to cooperate with your recommendations and donations and be one Ghadir's servants.    
Mohammad Reza Sharifi
Ghadir of 1432

The following are some of the Center's achievements which are actually the grace of God:

Establishment of scholarly – digital library of Ghadir:
The library contains digital books and pave the way for the researchers. In addition to that the books are available and usable in the central location of Ghadirestan.

Scholarly – scientific conferences and meetings:
The "Welcoming Ghadir conferences" have been held constantly since 1388, one month before Ghadir festival in order to set the programs and organize the celebrations of Ghadir decade in which Wilayat lovers attend along with experts of cultural affairs. Besides conferences, the " Scholarly – scientific meetings" also have taken place in order to research and investigate various Ghadir subjects such as correlation of Ghadir with other occasions like Fatemiyeh and Mahdaviyat in which scholars and authors send their essays to the secretary of Ghadirestan and after selection they are printed and presented.

Revival of Ghadir sermon
Weekly sessions of interpretation of Ghadir sermon in different places are held in which the attendees are encouraged to memorize the Sermon and propagate it and the books are also distributed.

Ghadir Courses:
The courses are held to attract and train Ghadir propagators in order to be sent to different cities and familiarizing clergymen, college students and others more and more with Ghadir lessons.

Revival of Ghadir decade:
Extending Ghadir celebrations for ten days with the aim of promoting Ghadir propagations and celebrations besides elevating divine rituals has provided more opportunity for propagators and participants to present different subjects of Ghadir for each other.

Productions of the Center:
Producing mobile applications and softwares, related clips, brocures and posters to Ghadir and Wilayat, and establishing the digital library of Ghadir on Ghadirestan Website which are easily downloaded are another acitivity of the center.

Launch of Center's Websites
Ghadirestan, Ghadir decade and Mekyal almakarem websites have been launched recently by support of experts in order to enter the global arena and facilitate research activities and culture of study among people and enrich the spare time of those who are interested in the Islamic science based on the rich sources of Shia.

Kindergarten of Ghadir
Holding kindergartens for kids simultaneously with conferences and sessions during Ghadir decade in order to flourish the love for Hadrat Ali (a.s) in their hearts by different ways such as paintings, stories and distrbuting cultural packs.  
Benevolent table of Amir almuminin (a.s):
Imam Ali's (a.s) benevolent table in order to promote the good tradition and custom of feeding and bestowing bread on Ghadir day along with brochures containing Ghadir teachings in the streets and squares beautified the visage of the city.

Celebrations of Ghadir's servants
Each year this celebration is hold to give Kudos, appreciations and presents to activists and servants of Ghadir and the centers, assemblies and organizations they are working in.

Relations with religious commissions and centers
Cooperations with religious and cultural centers and presenting practical solutions, designs, clips and brochures of Ghadir and Wilayat for them to celebrate Ghadir in the happy days of Prophet's family.

Future activities of the center:
Launch of comprehensive portal of Ghadir with the subject of Imamate on the Internet
Establishment of Ghadir museum with the subject of Wilayat and Imamate for domestic and foreign visitors
Establishment of the universal Ghadir network to broadcast the unique and religious teachings of infallible Imams (a.s)  
Taking the activists and elits of Ghadir to pilgrimage and tours
Erecting the models of Ghadir in the specific and sensitive centers and places

We are waiting for your calls.
Tel: 0313-2206252 , 0311-2206253
Fax: 0313-2206253
Cell phone: 0911-8000109
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Account number: Ghadirestan specialized center of Kauthar e Nabi (s.a.w), Mellat Bank of Abd alrazzagh:  4343484705
Address: Isfahan, Abd alrazzagh Avenue, at the beginning of Hakim Street, second floor of Mellat Bank, Ghadirestan Center of Kauthar - e- Nabi, Postal Code 8147865894

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